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DeveloperTown Starts LLC.

Summer Internship in 2018

During my summer break at Indiana University, I decided to take up an internship opportunity at a company called DeveloperTown Starts, located just north of Indianapolis downtown.

At the internship, I created Augmented and Mixed Reality applications, performed Usability Evaluations for all the companies under DT Starts, assisted in creating 4 wireframes and mockups for the dev team, redesigned a product’s mobile website including UI/UX design and development, created sales and marketing videos for one of the AR application, was a part of 1 sales funneling decision as well as fixed technical issues for one the their company.


May to August 2018


Maya, Unity 3D, Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, HotJar, Google Analytics


Usability Evaluation, 3D Modeling, Mobile Augmented Reality Application Development, Video Filming & Editing


UX Design, UX Research, UX Development, Cinematography


While being a part of the development team for a Signage AR application in Unity, there was a need for creating 3D models of the signages that can be augmented in multiple ways. I got a chance to learn the basics of 3D modeling in Autodesk 360 Fusion and Maya.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 3.27.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 3.28.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 3.33.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 3.29.57 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 3.29.30 PM.png

Few of the 3D meshes created


The Signage AR application discussed above called Sensible Signs was in its first iteration with features like the  ability to create sigs with 2D text, color backgrounds and scalability. The application is designed to help salesmen of signage companies to show mocked up signs in their customer's space in real time, from any angle at true size using augmented reality.

The First version of Sensible Signs

Due to the limitations of current surface tracking technology, I was assigned the task of adding new functionalities, like Image Target Detection. This enables salesmen to augment a sign upon pointing their phone/tablet's camera at a trigger which can be a business card or any other physical surface.

Below is the video of the next revision of Sensible Signs that was developed along under the guidance of a senior developer. I was responsible for the video filming and editing.

Second interaction of Sensible Signs

While working on this project, I got to learn C# programming, as well as got an opportunity to work on creating interfaces from the development side of AR/VR applications.


DeveloperTown Starts LLC. has multiple co-founder companies whose websites. DeveloperTown Starts took an initiative to improve the usability of their websites, known as Be The Customer.


Usability evaluations for all the websites were done with a mix of experienced users and novice users. While the experienced users shared the issues that they have faced and how they overcome the shortcomings and glitches, the novice users helped in identifying the pain points that new visitors must be facing in navigation and understand the company products as a whole.

User interviews were conducted to evaluate the users and their experience level with the websites. It helped to get deeper knowledge about the websites and their products.


A couple of tasks were given out to the novice users and they were asked to think aloud as they navigated through the website to complete the assigned tasks. This highlighted the shortcomings of the websites which might be hampering the experience for those exploring the websites for the first time. Similarly, a couple of tasks were given out to the experienced users to observe how they get around the quirks and bugs of the websites.

Finally, a report of all the observations and analysis along with mockups was submitted to the respective companies so that new changes can be implemented. Along with design changes like adding navigation progress bars, changing button sizes and removal of repeated buttons, the suggestions also covered marketing, SEO, sales and UX writing changes for increasing company growth.


CameraSim, one of the co-founding companies, which as the name suggests, is a Camera Simulator application for smartphones as well as desktops. They provide a free trial of their software on their website so that customers can try it out before deciding to invest their money in it. Since the trial runs on Flash, not all browsers or platforms support it. Hence, a warning message is displayed before the Flash script can start executing on the users' browsers.


The writing and design of that message were not helping people understand that there is some action required in order to commence the trial. This was backed up when I enabled HotJar to analyze the problem. The blue text 'free Flash plugin' was not prominent enough like the 'Watch Now' button. Hence, I decided to redesign it for the company.

Below is the end result of the redesign which I coded in PHP and pushed it to the live server and as can be seen on the website here.

Before and After screenshots of the redesigned webpage

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